Zucci Hairdressing Ivanhoe Review – Cate

Hi guys. Just wanted to say a really huge thank you to Jade (and the rest of the Zucci family at Ivanhoe). I stupidly went to another salon for a cut on the weekend & walked out in tears after being butchered. Serves me right for cheating on you guys with another salon. Anyway, when I walked in to your Ivanhoe salon this morning, I was confident that my horrendous hair would be fixed. And it was. Jade listened to me when I explained what had happened & what I wanted. She then worked her magic (even remembering the smallest details I had suggested) & I left the salon feeling like a new person, with my confidence back.

As I sat in the chair, I watched & appreciated every tiny detail that you guys consistently nail at Zucci. Your staff are so amazing, the tea is delicious, the tunes are always on point, the massages are so pampering, the shampoo experience is always absolutely perfect, the towels you use are awesome, the brushes you use (and the way your staff know when/why to use different brushes) = ace, and don’t get me started on the absolute brilliance of the techniques you guys use when cutting!

The way you educate your staff to ensure they provide every little aspect of service is evidently so thorough, because every visit to Zucci is consistently perfect. And the fact that you have staff who have been with you for so long is testament to how well you all work together so respectfully. Every time I visit Zucci, I am always inspired to quit my job as a teacher & learn to become a hairdresser because I just love being among it all & knowing that you guys are by far the BEST.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. For every effort that goes in to providing every tiny detail of superb service to your clients, and for fixing my hair disaster! XX Cate 

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