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Our Team

Each Zucci salon rests on a foundation of creative energy and careful consideration of each guest’s experience. All our team goes through personal and professional development at Zucci, which is crucial for the guest’s and their own experience.

Zucci Team Bio Rocco

Rocco Petrucci

Director & Founder

When Rocco started hairdressing 38 years ago, he was inspired by the freedom of creativity he had every time he picked up a pair of scissors to start creating that new look. Appreciating the multifaceted nature of hairdressing which affects the wider world of fashion and style, but also the individual’s everyday life. Rocco is still as excited today, stepping into the salon, as he was when he executed his first haircut over 3 decades ago.

Hairdressing enabled Rocco to travel the world, enriching his sphere of creativity through connections with like-minded people, allowing him to ultimately channel those experiences into his own business in Australia.

Zucci Team Bio Shakira

Shakira Petrucci

Director Colourist

Shakira went to her first hairdressing event at six months old when Rocco competed in a hair competition at the Hilton Hotel. The hairdressing industry has been a constant in Shakira’s life for three decades now. Although Shakira initially wanted to be a chef, Shakira decided to commence a hairdressing apprenticeship a few years after gaining a commercial cookery qualification.

A decade on, with national and international awards, overseas internships and study, qualifications in hairdressing teaching and hair colour mastery, Shakira has done it all. Zucci is not just a job for Shakira; Zucci is a living thing that breathes, grows and evolves. Zucci is years of blood, sweat and tears, love, kindness, respect, style, creativity, and fun!

Zucci Team Bio Craig

Craig O’Connel

Business Partner at Zucci St James – Director Stylist

Craig O’Connel is a born creator, whether drawing, playing music, or creating bespoke hair through collaboration with the person in the chair.

After more than three decades in the industry he’s as passionate as ever about helping people become more than they thought they could be – “Having the privilege to grow people I care about, whether it be the little blessings at home or the up-and-coming fashion movers in the salon, are all so crucial to my success and motivation to be better each day”.


A career at Zucci is an opportunity for individuals to develop their skills and grow within the business.

Zucci Careers

Our team have a clear career path from when they commence with Zucci. From commencing as an apprentice through to operating as a stylist/colourist our people are mentored and developed for the next position, whether that is in education or being part of a creative team working on runway shows or photo shoots.

We do not only focus on developing hair skills, we develop the whole person including communication, interpersonal, self-awareness and customer service skills.

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