Shakira Petrucci – Excutive Colourist

Shakira Petrucci – Excutive Colourist, Zucci South Melbourne

It may be a surprise to some but the technique used for colouring curly hair is very different from the technique used to colour straight hair. Coloured curly hair that has been exceptionally executed shows off the movement and shape of the curl, ultimately enhancing the beauty of the natural form.

A great colourist creates light and shade within the shape and an enhanced dimension to the overall look. Colour in curly hair has the potential to make the curls look like they have more volume or less volume depending on the desired outcome of the guest.

Block colouring techniques can be used on guests that want their hair to appear less full, giving the illusion of having less volume and therefore less hair overall. Lightening curly hair can also enhance the curl and make it tighter and more defined within its movement.

Most curly hair gets naturally lighter at the ends as it gets longer, this is due to the type of cuticle that people with curly hair have. The colour pigments can escape more easily over time creating lightness through the ends. I tend to advise that my curly hair guests have some colouring to highlight the shape of the hair cut, as well as modifying the tones in the hair through using the Aveda Glossing Services. Our colourists can add shine to the hair whilst changing the tones and depth in a temporary way. This is a great way to have change regularly and affordably with your hair colour.


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