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12 August, 2020

Zucci’s Impact Statement from Sustainable Salons Australia

Sustainable Salons Post

Well, 2020 has been a challenging year, but Zucci has received some great news that we want to share with you! For the past four years, we have been members of Sustainable Salons Australia. This program is a full circle recycling, and upcycling program that we invest in and 95% of all the waste we generate in our salons IS RECYCLED! We know exactly where all the waste goes and how it is recycled or upcycled into other products. AND the best thing most of the recycling happens right here in Australia! 

Since being apart of SSA we have not only been able to recycle, we have also been more conscious about reducing our waste. We have modified our methods to use less while still performing the tasks that we need to do. We are more aware of where our supplies are sourced and who our supply partners are. Our goal is to try to use only recycled or sustainable suppliers for all our salon needs.  
Every year SSA provides Zucci with our impact statements. We received ours just as we were closing our doors for this Stage 4 lockdown. But we still want to celebrate their achievements. 
Each salon recycles:  

  • paper, cardboard, wood 
  • all plastics 
  • metal 
  • chemical – hair colour
  • hair 
  • broken electrical tools 
  • tea and coffee grounds (this goes into our compost bins at home) 

Being apart of SSA is not free; it is a charge of $2 for every person that comes into the salon and has their hair done. It is a massive investment each year, but it is an investment we are more than happy to make. We are not only minimising thousands and thousands of kgs of waste going into landfill, but we are also helping to provide meals for those that are less fortunate than us.
Here are the achievements of each of the Zucci Salons! 
Zucci StJames's Sustainable Salons Impact Statement. Zucci South Melbourne's Sustainable Salons Impact Statement.
Zucci Ivanhoe's Sustainable Salons Impact Statement. Zucci DJ's Sustainable Salons Impact Statement.
As I mentioned in the beginning, it is a full-circle program for you, me and the planet. This partnership is one that we are so grateful to have, and we can’t wait to see where it goes in the years to come! 
You can read all about our partnership with SSA here.
Here is the link to Sustainable Salons Website if you want to read more about them and the program.

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