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10 March, 2021

Zucci x Take 3 For The Sea!

Sunday the 7th of March was clean up Australia Day. We headed down to StKilda beach to pick up rubbish in the park and sand area between the Sea Baths and the Stokehouse for one hour!
In an hour, we collected an assortment of plastics, bottle tops, glass, but the biggest shock was how many cigarette butts we collected!! There were 50 people in the cleanup group, and in an hour, we collected over 2500 butts!
This is beyond astronomical, and they NEVER break down!! In one 30m by 10m grass area alone, we collected over 500 butts!

500 cigarette butts collected from this area alone!

Let’s rewind a little. This clean up did not come out of anywhere. Every year during April, Aveda celebrate Earth Month. During Earth Month, Aveda supports a charity to help improve the water quality, provide water or clean up waterways worldwide. This year for the first time in a decade, Aveda supported a 100% Australian charity. Take 3 for the Sea have a straightforward message, every time you are out and about, pick up 3 pieces of rubbish and put them in a bin. It is small actions by many that make bigger changes than large actions by a few.  Our goal, along with Aveda, is to remove 1.5milli
on pieces of plastic from the environment. To learn more about Take 3 and all that they do click here.
We are not just asking you to pick up rubbish; we are asking you to donate to Take 3. Every $100 raised means 1500 more pieces of rubbish that are kept out of our natural environment. To donate, click here. 
Zucci are aiming to raise $2000 this year for Take 3!

I am sure you are thinking, “what else can I do to help?”
Here are our top 7 tips!

  1. Take 3 pieces of rubbish and put them in a bin every time you are out.
  2. Spend 5 min each week collecting rubbish from your local area, small actions more frequently, get your friends involved too!
  3. Minimise the number of single-use plastics you use in your day to day life. Replace glad wrap with containers with lids or wash and reuse ziplock bags.
  4. Support businesses that are sustainable and are conscious recyclers like @zuccihairdressing
  5. Shop brands that use PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastics and glass for their packaging like @avedaaustralia
  6. Contact your local council about installing more bins, cigarette butt bins and recycling bins in public places.
  7. Support @take3forthesea today! Every $100 is 1500 pieces of rubbish that are kept out of our waterways, parks and wildlife.

We would love to hear from you if you have any great ideas. Comment below!
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