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8 October, 2019

Zucci x Sustainable Salons Australia x Dresden Vision

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Get an exclusive saving at Zucci Hairdressing on your Shampoo collection eye wear from Dresden Vision and Sustainable Salons Australia.

We are very excited to announce that Sustainable Salons Australia has partnered with Dresden Vision, to create 100% post-consumer recycled plastic sunglasses frames using shampoo bottles they have collected from Sustainable Salons Network across Australia and New Zealand. These amazing glasses frames will be available for you to try and view at Zucci Hairdressing in South Melbourne!

How did this collaboration between Sustainable Salons & Dresden Vision come about?

Sustainable Salons is always looking to find innovative repurposing solutions that benefit the planet and the community. Our focus on meaningful and powerful collaborations lead Sustainable Salons to Dresden Vision; an ethical, socially and environmentally sustainable eyewear brand.

How is Zucci involved?

Every plastic shampoo bottle that we use in salon at Zucci Hairdressing are collected by Sustainable Salons Australia. We have partnered with Sustainable Salons Australia for the past 3 years and weare very proud to say that NONE of our plastic waste has gone in to landfill for the last 3 years! Once collected, the bottles are washed, labels removed and then are sent off to plastic recycling facilities in NSW and VIC, to be transformed into little tiny plastic pallets. These pallets are the raw material used to make the glasses frames by Dresden Vision.

Why do the glasses only come in black?

Black is the easiest colour to create when you have plastic sources in all different colours! Sustainable Salons Australia have members from many different salons using many different products, the colours of the bottles that are sourced are so varied. In the Aveda Shampoo range we have 8 different coloured bottles alone! It would be impossible to source enough green bottles to make green plastic and blue bottles to make blue plastic. That is how recycling plastic works. Taking plastic that is all a similar colour and then processing it to turn it in to raw plastic in that same colour to then be able to make it into another product in that same colour. So in the end it was decided that black was the best colour as any colour of plastic can be easily and sustainably coloured a consistent black. And furthermore you get super stylist and beautiful glasses frames!
The recycling story from Aveda shampoo bottles to recycled plastic to cool Dresden glasses frames!

How does a shampoo bottle turn into glasses?

The full loop of how shampoo bottles from Zucci are turned into glasses frames.

Zucci is extremely proud to be a spotlight salon featuring the whole shampoo collection in our Zucci South Melbourne Salon for you to experience. Visit us in salon to get your exclusive code to receive 30% off your pair of Shampoo collection glasses by Dresden and Sustainable Salons Australia!
To learn more about the partnership and the recycling process watch the Shampoo Collection Story here!

First Closed Loop glasses frames made from 100% recycledShampoo bottles Now at Zucci

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