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3 August, 2021

Zucci Uniquely You Photoshoot

Zucci Faq Hero
As with all businesses, the last 18 months did not end up as planned. When we started our planning for 2020, we (the leadership team) decided that it was time to refresh our digital presence. Fast forward to February 2021 to the beginning of this process. The goal was to have a digital platform that exemplified our brand ethos; “Uniquely You.”

For those who have not read our ethos, here it is. 

Zucci's Ethos Uniquely You

Rocco and I decided to engage Jake and Marcus from Self-titled design studio to bring our visions for the new website to life. We wanted this site to: 

  • showcase the work we do in the salon. 
  • to be a reference of information on all things hair related. 
  • to be functional and user friendly. 
  • to look evergreen and be design-driven. 

The design process was fun; Jake and Marcus took the time to get to know us and our business. They interviewed Rocco and me to get to know who Zucci was. Using our ethos as our foundation, we built the site’s contents, and then it was time for the images. The photoshoot was the component we had been waiting 18 months to do. 

For this photoshoot, we chose to select models that represent our Zucci guests. People of all ages, all walks of life and with all different types of hair. With this in mind, we chose to work with Tylea, Amy, Elizabeth and Luciana. These four women represent the Zucci guest; they all have a unique sense of style and want to have their hair reflect their personalities. To take these beautiful pictures, we engaged Kirsty Duchet, a Melbourne based editorial and fashion photographer. Kirsty has a brilliant eye and a fantastic attitude. She was totally on board with our concept and loved that we wanted to work with models of all ages. 

Generally, we would have each hair concept planned for a photoshoot then find a model to suit the direction we want to go in. 

For this photo shoot, the model was our inspiration. We designed each look around their wants, wishes and needs for their hair. It was a true pleasure to create hair colours and haircuts for these four beautiful women. 

On the photoshoot day, we had assistance from the Zucci creative team, Ana for Makeup and Samantha for Styling. Please take a look at our behind the scenes video to see all the action. 

Zucci's Ethos Uniquely You Image Uyen, Amy andLuci

We hope you enjoy these images as much as we did making them. They genuinely represent who Zucci is and add the perfect finishing touch to our new website. 

For more information or if you want to keep learning more about Zucci, please follow us on Instagram. We share photos of the work of our team, videos on using products and interviews with experts in our industry. Click here to follow Zucci on Instagram. 

Thank you for reading, and please share your feedback with us on our website. 

Shakira and Rocco Petrucci 

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