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25 November, 2014

Zucci Hairdressing Melbourne and Hanover House

Working with Zucci has give me so many opportunities and opened my eyes to a variety of facets that make up not just our industry but the world around us. From competitions and industry opportunities to the work countless people do around the world to help people in situations less fortunate than their own.

For all apprentices within the Zucci Family, Tuesday is the most looked-forward-to day of our working week. At Zucci Tuesday is school day, which we spend with our amazing education team at our South Melbourne salon. It’s also the day we have men and women from South Melbourne’s Hanover House come in and get the opportunity to have a hair cut.
Hanover House is an organisation that provides support for men and women who are in crisis and need emergency assistance with housing, food, clothes, and getting their lives started again.
I met a number of residents through Hanover and had the pleasure of doing their hair throughout my training. With every consultation and every haircut I did, I learnt so many things about people that will stay with me throughout my career and my life.
One of the many life lessons was that Hair is a very personal thing. It’s an integral part of who we are and what makes every individual exactly that individual. When the guests from Hanover had great hair they felt immediately more positive, courageous, confident and beautiful or handsome!\
A month ago I was given the opportunity to go to Hanover House in South Melbourne and have lunch with and meet a handful of the individuals who work there and some of the residents.
The reason for going that day was to cut the hair of one of the women who works with residents at Hanover. She wanted to have a Mohawk for Movember, a brave choice for a great cause.
While I was there I got to sit in on their monthly BBQ with residents and staff, cut Billi’s hair and have a little tour of the grounds.
It was such a great experience and to be reminded what amazing people around the world do to better the lives of people other than themselves. No matter what financial or socio economic tier you stand on, where you come from or where you are right now you can be confident and have your appearance match who you are inside.
I’m humbled to have been a part of such a great partnership between Zucci and Hanover House.
By Ashlyn from Zucci South Melbourne

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