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8 December, 2014

Zucci Hairdressing Melbourne Academy

At ZUCCi we believe that education holds the key to developing great hairdressers whom understand the importance of creativity, technical skill and service delivery.  We choose to develop the individual to be the best they can be and that is why we established the ZUCCi academy. The ZUCCi Academy is located at our South Melbourne salon in Clarendon street. We close the salon to the public every Tuesday, so we can give our complete attention to training and learning, sharing ideas and brainstorming the myriad of possibilities presented.

Our commitment to our team, coupled with our intensive educational programs have been recognised and rewarded by the hairdressing and educational industry.
Throughout our training sessions trainees are constantly challenged and coaxed. They are reminded to keep their guest at the forefront of their consideration. Their objective is to discover and then best represent what is Uniquly You. Asking the right questions, listening carefully and then formulating a picture in their mind and yours are important steps in the process of discovery.
Our educational team understands that there are various learning styles. Some people are visual learners others more kinesthetic. All our trainers have been taught to recognise each individual’s unique learning style and then develop a program, which fits. This is extremely important if we want to successfully achieve the high standards required by ZUCCi, as well as ensuring the learning experience is a rewarding one for all.
ZUCCi has always been recognised for training great hairdressers, but through the creation of The Academy now are proud to say we can develop remarkable individuals.
By Craig O’Connell
Zucci Educator and Director of Zucci St James Place.

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