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19 June, 2018

Wellness Month at Zucci

For the month of May all our team at Zucci participated in Wellness Month. With the help of our leadership team we designed a whole month of activities to promote Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual and Financial wellness.

Our goal for this month was to expose our team to wellness techniques and behaviours into their daily lives to support them in having more balance in their lives. Each week of the month had a different focus. We chose 5 areas to focus on and created group and individual activities, organised surprise deliveries, held seminars and ran group challenges designed around these focuses.
The month was received so well by the team. They gained knowledge and tools to implement into their lives and for some this was the first time they had heard about any of the areas we touched on.
Some words directly from our team.
“Refreshing to have an awareness month. Something new to do within a salon!” Matt 
“Steps for better sleep helped me go to bed more easily and the Rag Doll stretch to wake me up (really like the phrase)” Ray Ray 
“I loved this month I think it was such a great idea and I would really like for there to be another wellness month in the future. Thanks for putting in so much effort to make it really interesting and interactive.” Amy S
We really enjoyed hosting this event for our team and this will be ongoing in the Zucci calendar every year.
To learn more about what we did in wellness month chat to your stylist or colourist when you are next in salon.

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