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23 November, 2020

Vegan Hairdressing Products

Invati Advanced Mask At Zucci

Do you tend to use a lot of products on your hair? Strip it all back with blissfully nourishing vegan products. Rid yourself of nasty, harsh chemicals and turn back to mother nature to treat yourself to fresh, natural treatments for your tresses. All the while, you can have a clear conscious knowing you’re contributing to change. We at Zucci, see ourselves as forerunners in the beauty revolution that is taking the world by storm. No longer do we have to stoop to synthetics. We can harness the power of plants, vitamins and minerals. So, in this post, we’ll look into the advantages of swapping to vegan hairdressing products.

  1. Skin loving

Often, many shampoos contain perfumes or other irritants that can aggravate eczema, trigger allergies and lead to dandruff. We all love splurging on fancy, exotically named products but we certainly don’t love an itchy scalp. The beauty of vegan options is that they tend to leave out strong ingredients and favour elements that are naturally occurring and kind and gentle on your scalp and hair.

  1. Animal cruelty-free

Nowadays, animal testing is rife and there’s no denying that many innocent animals suffer at the hands of the beauty and cosmetic industry. Zucci wants to make a concerted effort to alter our outlooks and show that we can achieve incredible results without harming any living thing. Organic, vegan haircare comes with the guarantee of being animal cruelty-free. Whether you’re stringently vegan and just dying for some exquisite products, or a keen carnivore wanting to make small steps towards change, vegan hairdressing ranges are absolutely riddled with awareness factors and progressive benefits.

  1. No chemicals

There’s no parabens, sulphates or silicones. In fact, Aveda Botanical Repair Range, our brand of choice, uses 94% naturally derived ingredients in all their products. Within the collection, there’s a shampoo, conditioner and UV protection masque.

  1. Unbelievable shine

Due to abundance of natural ingredients, when using vegan haircare you will be restoring and replenishing your hair. The powers contained in the products will strengthen strands, revive follicles and give you a real glow. The ingredients are rich in vitamins that encourage growth and consequently, you will have a healthier look. You’ll be able to sashay your sparkling locks with a boosted confidence!

  1. Sensational scents

Soft coconut, natural sweetness, floral plants and soothing green tea. All scents that we relate with, that imply wellness, relaxation and care. There’s also nothing better than catching wafts of gorgeous smelling hair.

  1. Minimalist Magic

We’re all curious and all have that moment of checking out the bottle when in the shower. Now, you longer have to read chemicals with impossibly long names that sound ridiculously artificial. You’ll be able to recognise most of the extracts and you’ll see how the list won’t take up the full length of the container. Vegan ranges really do embody ‘less is more’ and because of this slogan and all the reasons aforementioned, they really will work wonders on your hair.
All in all, there’s a wealth of positives when it comes to plant power. We believe it to be the future of hairdressing! Vegan hair care is not only conscious of animals, free from chemicals and full of natural ingredients, it’s also indulgent and luxurious! Treat yourself today or don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

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