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22 November, 2016

This Summer Love Your Hair with Zucci

This Summer love your hair with Zucci! What does that mean? How can we help you? Well let me tell you. Firstly lets explore what happens to the hair when it is exposed to sun, heat, salt water, and chlorine.

Here is some Summer Hair 101.
Fine hair: is more likely to snap, is more likely to dry out from heat styling, can absorb free-radicals from the environment, change colour from sun exposure, become limp in humidity and become matted from salt water or chlorine.
Course hair: more likely to dry out due to sun, salt or chlorine exposure, lighten in the sun, become frizzy or fluffy in humidity, feel rough to touch, dry crispy and start to matt in salt water.
Curly Hair: All of the above and tangle like crazy if it gets too dry!
I have kept the 101 very general but basically all your general hair concerns can be amplified by sun exposure, salt water and chlorine.
SO what can WE do for YOU?

  1. We can give you amazing Aveda product recommendations to help you with all your Summer hair needs. dp11132_r4 dp11104_r5Did you know Aveda has a range specifically designed for Sun Protection for the hair? Sun Care offers a Hair and Body Cleanser, an After Sun Masque and a Protective Hair Veil. This range is designed to protect the hair prior  and treat hair after exposure to sun, salt or chlorine whilst being completely colour safe and leaving the hair feeling healthy and soft.
  2. We offer a range of in salon hair and scalp treatment services. Give your hair an injection of protein or moisture during summer with a Botanical Therapy Hair or Scalp Treatment. Designed to clarify, hydrate or strengthen the scalp and hair.
  3. Shine! Who does not love shiny hair? The best way for a little long lasting shine is an Aveda Hair Gloss. Balance out any unwanted tones or just have a clear glaze of shine on your hair. This service can be done at any time and lasts up to 4 weeks in the hair*.

To complete your Summer needs here are our top 5 products for the best Summer hair beach bag!
A Paddle Brush is designed to not only brush hair but massage the scalp and stimulate the blood flow to the roots of the hair.
The Lip Saver is a nourishing and moisturising botanical balm, with a water-proof SPF formula to protect the lips from sun damage. Natural waxes seal in moisture for lasting protection.
The Shampure Dry Shampoo, refreshes the hair with a non-aerosol talc free formula. This product is 99.8% naturally derived with the signature calming Shampure Aroma.
The Sun Care Hair Veil a lightweight, water-resistant UV defense mist that forms an invisible screen to help protect hair from sun exposure for up to 16 hours, to minimise colour fadage, damage and dryness.
SO now you know where you can go to keep your hair looking super healthy and wonderful this Summer!
We can’t wait to see you.
Zucci ~ Uniquely You ~

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