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1 November, 2018

Secret Weapons for Thinning Hair

As salon professionals, we know that hair loss in women is more common than you might think, with people of all ages looking to regain strength, volume and vitality in their tresses.

Genetically inherited hair loss aside, thinning hair can be brought on by anything from post-pregnancy hormonal changes to nutrition to experiences of shock or stress.* In fact, hair is one of the first tissues in the body to reflect internal disturbances.**

While there’s no such thing as an instant hair loss cure, there are steps you can take towards minimising breakage, retaining volume, and keeping the hair you have for longer.

Rethink Your Routine

Are you giving your hair the everyday TLC it needs? If not, start by making these easy additions to your routine:

  • Add scalp massage and exfoliation to your hair care routine to invigorate the scalp, increase cell turnover and stimulate strong, resilient hair growth.
  • Avoid pulling hair into tight styles when wet. This forces the strands to stretch and become brittle.
  • Have a regular haircut (every 10 weeks). This prevents breakage caused by dry, brittle ends, and helps maintain density in the overall shape.
  • Use a protectant when styling with heat. Over time, excessive heat exposure can cause the hair cuticle to lift, leading to breakage.  
  • Consider the tools you use for styling. Something as simple as a worn-out brush or hair dryer could be snapping or frying your locks.
  • Swap products high in alcohol or silicone for gentler, nourishing alternatives.

Get Systematic

We recommend investing in some gentle and effective hair loss treatment products. A great line to try is Aveda’s new Invati Advanced Solutions for Thinning Hair. This 3-step system, featuring 98% naturally derived ingredients, works to invigorate and stimulate the scalp, reinforce strands and create a more voluminous, vital and lifted look.

Invati Advanced™ Exfoliating Shampoo thoroughly cleanses and stimulates the scalp, making it easy to work that all-important scalp massage into your normal wash routine. Pair it with the matching Thickening Conditioner- one of the best hair thickening conditioner products on the market for minimising breakage – and finish with the Scalp Revitaliser to powerfully support strand structure and add an instant thickening effect.

The range is available now in all our salons.

We Can Help

Want more personalised advice on how to get thicker hair? Book a Scalp to Soul consultation at any Zucci salon. We’ll use specialised camera technology to magnify and analyse your scalp, and assess it for dryness, oiliness, irritation, density of follicles, strand thickness and more. We can then prescribe an individual scalp treatment program tailored to your needs.

To chat to our experienced team about caring for thinning hair, make a booking or drop into one of our salons today.

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**Anthony Pearce Trichology, ‘What Is Trichology?

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