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31 January, 2017

Runway Ready Hair Styling! Zucci Makes it Easy.


Fashion and Hair go hand in hand. At Zucci we love to share with you what we are doing in the fashion industry. On the 3rd of February 2017 Zucci David Jones will be taking care of the hair styling needs for the David Jones Spring/Summer Fashion Launch 2017/2018! This event is designed to showcase the the trends for clothes, hair and makeup for the Spring/Summer Season 2017/2018. This season our hair team will be lead by Bianca from Zucci David Jones.

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-2-50-38-pmThe team at Zucci love styling hair. They know the importance of preparing the hair for the event and executing the style in efficient time. This style 0f work involves great technical skill, organisation and the correct tools and products to get the exact same look on each model, every time.
The 3 key areas to have Runway Ready hair at home are:

  1. Preparing the hair for your style with the correct products. 
  2. Selecting the styling tool and brushes that are appropriate for the tool. 
  3. Finishing the hair with a hold product to ensure your style lasts. 

The Aveda range has a large selection of styling products available for all different styling needs! From curly to straight, volume to flat and everything in between. The Aveda styling range has been designed with a user friendly focus. Please head into any of our locations to have a consultation with one of our talented team members for a in-depth styling recommendation.
Products are just the first step of great hair styling, it is vital that the tools that are used are correct for the desired look. We love the following tools and brands for at home styling. The Parlux blowdryer, is a professional blowdryer with ionic and ceramic technology that makes hair style last longer. Blowdrying is faster and easier and the Parlux is light weight! Investing in a blowdryer is vital for hair health as it ensures that the hair is not over heated, or over dried from heat styling. We recommend that all styling with a blow-drying is done using a nozzle as this directs the airflow and smooths the cuticle which is vital for a frizz free look.
For brushes there are so many out there and sometimes the cheaper the brush the more damaging it is for the hair. The 2 types of round brush that are available on the market are ceramic and bristle. Ceramic are designed to dry the hair quicker and give lots of lift, they are very user friendly for all skill levels. Bristle round brushes are designed to polish and smooth the cuticle whilst drying the hair, as the bristles are closer together and finer they are harder to use to get volume and lift when drying your own hair. We would recommend ceramic brushes to those who want volume and body in the hair and bristle brushes to those who want smooth, flat finishes in their hair.
One of the most versatile brushes that is great on all hair types is the Aveda Paddle Brush. This brush can be used for brushing hair drying hair, styling hair and finishing hair. As it has a large head and long bristles it pulls through the hair gently and massages the scalp. This brush retails for $49.95 in all Zucci locations.


Heat Styling
After blowdrying the hair, lots of looks require additional heat styling to get the desired outcome. When heat styling with additional tools it is vital that the hair is 95% dry, that little bit of moisture in the hair will dry off when the hair is being heat styled and give longer lasting results. When curling hair for best results we recommended using a curling iron or rounded wand. Curving and heating the hair with a curved tool will ensure that it stays curved longer. Once the hair has been curled allow the hair to cool before dropping the curl down, use a clip to hold the curl at the scalp and then once cooled release and style out. We are loving the GHD Curve range in the salon for our curling needs, other brands that we recommend are BayBliss Ceramic Pro and Silver Bullet.
For best smooth and straight results, using a ceramic flat iron is the way to go. At Zucci we have been using Cloud 9 Irons for the last 5 years and we think they are the best for smooth results. Using Korean technology in the mineral infused plates to ensure that the moisture and integrity of the hair is maintained. The best feature of these irons is the ability to control the temperature of the irons from 50 to 210 degrees. This feature ensures that regardless of your hair type and texture there is a temperature that will ensure that the desired result is achieved and the hair is in great condition.


For more styling information please book a complimentary consultation in any of our salons. Click here for contact details. For all our in salon styling available please click here and for our specialty services available at the Zucci Blow Out Bar at David Jones click here
We look forward to assisting you with all your hair styling needs!

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