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27 August, 2020

Post Lockdown Hair Inspiration from Zucci Hairdressing

Post Lockdown Inspiration

Are you sick of your hair? Are you ready for a change? Zucci Hairdressing is here to help.

During lockdown 2.0, we have reflected on some of the hair transformations that our team have done this year. We wanted to share a few with you for some inspiration. The Zucci team love all types of change; whether it be small or massive, bold or soft, we love it all.

Bob lengh hair to pixi cut by Zucci Hairdressing

Have you always said I am going to cut all my hair off one day? Well, let that day be today! Or at least when the salon reopens. Be brave and make the change you have always wanted.

Transition your existing blonde into a rich balayage. This colour was achieved by making the hair darker and toning the blonde. All the light you see was already there. This is a great way to transition from light to dark whilst keeping the condition and integrity of the hair and having lightness still part of the look.

Did you know we donate hair at Zucci! If you want to cut off 20cm of hair or more, we collect the hair and donated it to charities that make wigs for children. Through Sustainable Salons Australia the hair is given to 1 of 14 charities in Australia! This is a GREAT reason to make the big change and cut of your hair!

embrace your natural grey hair and enhance it with highlights and lowlights for texture and dimension

Add texture and dimension to your natural grey hair with highlights and lowlights! this is a great way to have a coloured hair feel without the regrowth.

This is a punchy change from natural dark brown to bold balayage pink! This colour technique can be done with any bright, natural, pastel colour. Keeping it dark at the roots means no regrowth!

From blonde to copper. This is a magical transition that can be done in 2 steps in 1 day! Having a blonde base means that the copper will be more vibrant and rich but the main difference is the SHINE! look at that lustre and shine.

So now is the time! Make a change. Give your hair some love. YOU deserve it! We have all been through a lot this year and it is the things that bring us joy that we need to focus on.
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