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5 December, 2018

Ocean-Friendly Sun Care at Zucci

Summer is here and, with the beach beckoning, Zucci is excited to announce the arrival of the People4Ocean sun care range on our salon shelves. Choose from SPF30 Sunscreen or 3-in-1 Aftersun Solution, with $1 from every sale going towards coral reef regeneration projects.

New to Zucci Hairdressing, People for Ocean - 100% Natural Sunscreen.

In Australia, we’re exposed to some of the world’s highest UV levels, so sunscreen is essential. P4O’s 100% natural formula meets our need for high protection without resorting to chemical filtering ingredients. Instead, it uses naturally sourced mineral ingredients that create a physical barrier between the skin and harsh UV rays, offering effective protection from premature aging and sun damage.


This broad spectrum, 3-hour water resistant sunscreen has been uniquely formulated in consultation with marine biologists, alongside spa specialists LaGaia Unedited.

The result is an ocean-friendly product that combines high protection with the feel of a moisturiser and the quality of a spa treatment. Non-greasy and lightly scented, it’s suitable for the whole family – even babies.  

P4O’s offering is an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious consumer who wants to protect our oceans, as well as their skin.

Best of all, it’s free of oxybenzone, a synthetic ingredient used as a UV filter in conventional chemical sunscreens that’s been shown to be toxic to corals and coral larvae. Even a drop of this substance in an ocean area the size of 6.5 Olympic swimming pools can damage reef ecosystems, many of which are already threatened by factors such as marine heat waves and coast pollution.

With an estimated 60 million bottles’ worth of sunscreen washing into already at-risk coral reefs around the world each year, and 97% of these made with oxybenzone, the value of opting for non-chemical sunscreens is clear.


The 3-in-1 Aftersun Solution is the perfect companion product for soothing, cooling and revitalising the skin after sun exposure. With 80% organic aloe vera, green tea extract and pure sodium hyaluronate, this all-natural face and body gel is a versatile addition to your daily skincare routine. Non-greasy and packed with antioxidants, it can be used as a moisturiser, after shaving or waxing, on sunburn and so much more.  

Australian owned and made, and packaged using recycled materials, P4O’s products tick all the boxes for eco-friendly sun care that’s as effective as it is delightful to use. Drop by any of our Melbourne salons to grab yours today.

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