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1 October, 2015

NYC Fashion Week S/S 2016 – Shakira’s Adventure

New York Fashion Week 8th -15th September is one of the most influential Fashion Events in the world with 200 designers showcasing their collections. It was an intense and exhilarating time for Shakira, as she worked on nine shows as part of the Aveda Global Styling Team.
Shakira said “I worked with incredibly talented fashion stylists, models, photographers make-up artists and of course hairdressers. Successful collaboration was required to achieve the desired looks and ensure a successful show. Fashion week is a different world. One hair out of place could mean a complete redo. I felt this experience taught me a lot about working under pressure and trusting my skills and myself. You have to be resilient whilst physically, emotionally and spiritually strong to work on Fashion Week, it tests you. Would I do it again? Yes!”
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