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30 August, 2015


The time is nearing for Shakira to embark on part two of her overseas adventures. It was LA in August and this month it will be New York for fashion week, a hectic and exciting 8 days where the worlds leading designers converge on New York City to showcase their latest looks and trends for the coming season. Shakira will be working on a selection of shows together with the Aveda Styling Team. For updates tune into Instagram from the 10th September for all the latest updates, looks and news!

Jon Rayman, creative director and owner of five Aveda salons in the US will be heading the Fashion Week Team for the tenth year! Shakira was invited to become part of this global team and in August went to LA to be initiated into the Team through an intensive, training program.
Shakira said “I spent three days working with Jon and his team learning all that’s required in being part of the fashion week hair team. Jon is passionate about creating a unified group of people, supportive of each other to achieve the desired runway looks. I learnt amazing tricks and tips to advance my styling skill foundation to ensure that when I am working backstage I am prepared and ready to tackle anything. It was a whirlwind experience! Being in LA for just three days made for intense, concentrated learning, but it was so worthwhile and I came away truly grateful and inspired by the experience. I cannot wait to share what I have learnt with the Zucci Team.”
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