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23 August, 2023

NEW Scalp Solutions Treatment Now at Zucci!

Scalp Solutions New From Aveda

Powered by Scalp Solutions, the Scalp Renewal Headspa, a luxurious, high-touch treatment, features professional-only products powered by plant actives to address key scalp concerns and help defend against the visible signs of premature scalp aging. This relaxing, sensorial scalp reset is designed to renew your scalp and senses and deliver visibly shinier, healthier hair after one service.

This treatment is now available at all Zucci salons and is designed to support any guest with their scalp care. Just like the skin on our faces, it is important to treat and manage the skin on our scalps. The Scalp Renewal Headspa is a 60-minute treatment that includes:

  • A thorough scalp analysis, including images of your scalp.
  • A Zucci aroma sensory journey and massage.
  • Scalp warm-up with Scalp Massager Brush.
  • Scalp Exfoliation and Cleanse.
  • Scalp Masque and Massage.
  • A relaxing hand massage.
  • Rinsing and application of specialised scalp serums.
  • Gentle drying off of hair.
  • Finishing images.

You can click here to book your Scalp Renewal Headspa Treatment at any of our Salon Locations.

The treatment is not designed to be:

  • Done with a week before or after colour service. We recommend booking a minimum of 7 days before or after a colour service.
  • We don’t recommend having heat styling, such as a blow-waving, on the same day as this service. The scalp can be sensitive post-treatment, we have included a gentle dry-off service in the treatment, and we will dry your hair in a presentable way to finish.
  • We recommend having this treatment every 4 to 6 weeks to manage the condition of the scalp. We have a range of home care to manage your scalp at home between visits.

To support your scalp health at home, the Scalp Solutions home care range includes:

  • Exfoliating Scalp Treatment: Instantly reduces excess sebum, surface pollution and product build-up. Massage into wet or dry scalp prior to shampooing. Follow with Scalp Solutions Balancing Shampoo. Rinse well. Designed for weekly use.
  • Scalp Solutions Balancing Shampoo: Helps remove excess oil, impurities and pollution from the hair and scalp. To use massage into wet hair and scalp. Rinse well. Follow with Scalp Solutions Replenishing Conditioner.
  • Scalp Solutions Replenishing Conditioner: Replenishes, hydrates, and softens the hair and scalp. After shampooing with Scalp Solutions Balancing Shampoo. Massage into wet hair and scalp. Rinse well.
  • Refreshing Protective Mist: Helps control excess sebum and protect against pollution, oxidative stressors and environmental aggressors all day. Apply directly to the scalp. Massage in. Do not rinse. Designed for daily use.
  • Overnight Scalp Renewal Serum: Improves scalp hydration and barrier strength and soothes an irritated scalp for less redness. Apply directly to the scalp at bedtime. Massage in. Do not rinse. Hair may be damp or dry. Can be used as needed at night time.
Scalp Solutions Home care range.

To experience the Scalp Solutions range and Headspa treatment, click here to book or contact our salons directly for more information.

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