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28 September, 2018

It's Our Birthday, Zucci is 34!

For the month of October 2018 Zucci Hairdressing will be celebrating our 34th birthday by taking back your used Aveda Bottles to Recycle.

October 1st 2018 is our 34th birthday and also marks our 2nd anniversary as a member of Sustainable Salons Australia. We need you to help us celebrate! 

During the month of October we want you to bring back your used Aveda bottles for us to recycle for you. Just visit any of our salons with your empty bottles and we will take them of your hands. *

We want to do this so you have peace of mind knowing 100% of the plastic we collect is recycled in Australia.  This plastic is kept in cycle and turned into outdoor furniture, protective covering for the NBN network and play equipment for parks. 

Zucci Ivanhoe is celebrating being a Sustainable Salon for 2 years.
Nari and Maddie recycling some or our metal waste. 

We have been proud partners with Sustainable Salons Australia for 2 years. Being a sustainable salons means that we pay to have 95% of all our waste collected to be recycled or up cycled. This is a choice we make as a business. Being a green business is one of our core beliefs and values. 

What we have achieved so far!

Over the past 2 years our 4 salon locations and our Retail Space in David Jones have recycled or up cycled the following:

  • 2739kg of Paper + 1986kg of Metal = money made from the selling these items to recyclers has provided 343 meals for those in need through OzHarvest!
  • 1369kg of Plastic – kept in circulation  
  • 68kg of E-Waste – saved from leaching toxins into landfill
  • 342kg of Glass – recycled  
  • 582L of Chemicals – recycled back into water to be used for construction and road works. 
  • 410kg of Hair = 342 hair booms to soak up oil from spills in our oceans around Australia!! 
  • Plus we have donated 100’s of ponytails to make wigs for cancer and Alopecia suffers. 

Being a sustainable salon has been a team effort and would not be possible without all those who work at Zucci. Each salon has to divide up all our waste into 8 seperate bins, this ensures ease of sorting when our waste arrives at the depot for recycling. Our goal is to reduce our waste further. We look forward to one day being able to say that 100% of our waste is recycled or up cycled.

Help us help you recycle your bottles and reduce waste. We look forward to seeing you and your empty Aveda bottles in one of our salons so soon!

Yours in Style, 


~ Uniquely You ~  

* Aveda product bottles only, return period is from the 1st of October to the 31st of October 2018, bottles accepted at Zucci ivanhoe, South Melbourne, St James Place and David Jones Level 1, Conditions Apply.

Our team are very excited about this milestone! 

Learn more about Sustainable Salons Australia 

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