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31 July, 2018

It's all about Colour at Zucci.


Have you ever wondered what the perfect lip colour is for you? How do you know if it should be light or dark, rich or soft, bold or natural? Never fear, Zucci is here!

Below we have an amazing chart for you to match all our beautiful Aveda Lip Colours to your hair colour and skin colour. There are tones for everyone! This new and improved lipstick formulation from Aveda lasts longer on the lips, has a new hydrating formulation and is now semi matt in its finish. With 23 new colours and introducing 8 new lipliners the options are endless! Each item is $32
It’s all about colour at Zucci! Visit any of our locations to learn more and pick up your new lip colour today!
Do you have Warm Brown Hair?
Warm Brunette Hair, Has red, copper or gold tones. Match with the perfect lip shade.
Or do you have Cool Brown or Black Hair?
Cool brunette and black hair has neutral or ash tones. find your perfect lip colour at Zucci!
Are you a Rare Violet? Berry, Violet and Passionfruit are tones we love to wear on our lips, how about you?Or do you have Icy Blonde or Grey Hair?
cool blonde and grey hair, has ash tones. match with your perfect lip shade at Zucci
There is Nothing like a Sun-kissed Gold or Blushed Copper Hair Colour
Warm blonde hair has gold tones, we have the perfect lip shade at Zucci to match!
Is Your Hair the Colour of a Wild Flame?
Warm red hair has copper or red tones in it. Match your hair colour with some bold warm lip colours.
We have something for Everyone!
Love your lips at Zucci. We can match the perfect shade to your hair colour and skin colour.

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