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26 October, 2018

How to Dry Your Hair Fast with Aveda

The Zucci team are excited to announce the arrival of Aveda’s new Speed of Light™ Blow Dry Accelerator Spray in our Melbourne salons. We’re always on the lookout for just a little more time in our busy schedules, and this innovative, multi-benefit primer delivers just that.

With a sweet and zesty natural aroma featuring certified organic mandarin, star anise, ylang ylang and grapefruit, Speed of Light™ energises the senses to leave you feeling uplifted, radiant and invigorated.  

Speed of Light™ features a 90% plant-derived formula that decreases blow drying time while acting as a heat protectant for hair. If you’re forever wondering how to dry your hair quickly without causing thermal damage, this lightweight, non-greasy and silicone-free liquid spray is the answer, leaving you with smooth, touchable tresses that are perfectly primed for styling.

The cruelty-free, vegan formula incorporates the functional botanicals that Aveda is known for. The product’s star ingredient is lactic acid derived from sugar beets, which seals and smooths hair cuticles to deliver enhanced air flow between hair fibres. This powerfully accelerates drying time, providing an answer to the age-old question of how to blow dry hair that’s long or thick without spending too much valuable time on the task.

Also included in this multitasking blend is a corn-derived moisturiser, which offers hair protection from thermal damage, plus a conditioning agent derived from coconuts, which detangles and helps minimise the hair breakage often associated with blow drying.

Aveda Speed of Light™ is available now at your favourite Zucci salon. For expert advice on how to dry hair quickly and products to use before blow drying, book an appointment with our stylists or drop into one of our salons today.

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