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2 March, 2015

Definition of Fashion Hairdressing Award at Salon Melbourne

Shakira Petrucci of Zucci Hairdressing wins prestigious hairdressing award, during live competition. HBIA’s inaugural ‘Definition of Fashion’ competition was held on Sunday 1st March 2015 – A feature event at Salon Melbourne 2015.

HBIA announced on their website on January 28th 2015, “The inaugural ‘Definition of Fashion’ will be an exhilarating event which showcases all the latest talent of today. This fashion extravaganza is designed to acknowledge and represent some of the most talented “fashionistas” around. A collation of today’s new wave designers/artists and a myriad of entertainment and fun will be an occasion not to be missed.”
Outstanding stylists of the Australian hairdressing industry and local talents from all around Melbourne, all joined Shakira Petrucci on stage for the live competition.
HBIA’s rules were as follows; “Competing by invitation only, we will see Australia’s top hair stylists working alongside up and coming top designers and makeup artists to create the winning look. Tension and excitement will be created as models will be balloted on the evening of the event and entrants will not see the model or dress before they are balloted. Entrants will have a strict time limit e.g. (35 minutes) to complete the look and present to the audience.”
Shakira Petrucci, Creative Director, Executive Colourist and Educator for Zucci Hairdressing based in the ‘unique ambience’ of the South Melbourne Salon on iconic Clarendon Street, and daughter of Rocco Petrucci, director and founder of Zucci Hairdressing established in 1984, told us about her look and inspiration this morning; “When the HBIA invited me to compete in this event my first response was absolutely because the concept was so different and exciting. To prepare for this event I decided to practice six different looks. I wanted to ensure that when I found out what my model looked like and what she was wearing on the day of the event I was completely prepared for anything. When the moment came that I saw my model I decided that a classic elegant look with a little modern twist would be the best way to go. I chose to use the contrasting coloured bobbie pins to create the shape of the style. Being on stage and having only limited time to complete the look required me to trust my skills and have fun! I am extremely excited to be involved in NYC Fashion Week later on this year!
Shakira will be off to New York City to work back stage with the artistic teams from L’Oreal, Kevin Murphy, and Aveda at New York Fashion week in early September this year, as part of her prize.
Shakira says, “I would like to thank HBIA for inviting me to compete in this event, it was a true honor and so much fun. I look forward to the Definition of Fashion event being an ongoing spectacle at Salon Melbourne!”
Photo Credit: John Carruthers
Makeup Credit: Rachel Boler
Model: Gemma Taylor
2015 03 01 Salon Melbourne Shakira-1495
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