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1 March, 2016

Congratulations Ashlyn and Sarah!


We are excited to announce that Ashlyn from ZUCCi South Melbourne and Sarah from Zucci Ivanhoe have qualified and been promoted to Stylist/Colourist level within their respective salons! 

Ashlyn and Sarah who have been with ZUCCi for 2 and 3 years, have completed their apprenticeship’s developing both their technical and communication skills to an elite level. An unwavering focus on continuous growth, together with exceptional applied technical skill  has not gone unnoticed. Both girls went on to take out awards at the ZUCCi Hairdressing Awards night for 2015.  

During her time as an apprentice, Ashlyn won Apprentice of the Year for ZUCCi South Melbourne twice in consecutive year and then went on to win the overall award, ZUCCi Apprentice of the year for 2015. Ashlyn was also nominated for the Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Association’s (HBIA) Apprentice of the year for 2015. 

Ashlyn Says “Being with ZUCCi has really shaped who I am as a hairdresser, everyone has supported and guided me to where I am today. The education and wisdom I received throughout my training is invaluable and I will take it with me through the rest of my career.” 

“The best part of being a colourist is discovering and creating a signature look for each of my guests.”

IMG_5501During Sarah’s time as an apprentice she completed 2 HBIA events in the first 2 years of her apprenticeship. She believes her greatest achievement was in her self-development which led to greater self confidence and belief in herself. Sarah also won ZUCCi Apprentice of the Year for the Ivanhoe salon in her 3rd year and has built an impressive loyal clientele within the business. 

Sarah is excited to continue to grow her client base and is looking forward to further challenging her skills and herself personally and professionally. 

Sarah says, “I felt privileged to be able to undertake my apprenticeship in such a skilled, passionate, high calibre workplace, where training is a focus. Throughout my 3 years I have gained so much skill and knowledge from the amazing team here at ZUCCI. I see myself here for years to come!”

For bookings with Ashlyn please contact Zucci South Melbourne on 96820400

For bookings with Sarah please contact Zucci Ivanhoe on 9497103

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