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15 July, 2014

AVEDA Colour Harmony 2014 – Culture Clash

By: Shakira Petrucci – Team Leader, Educator and Executive Colourist – Zucci South Melbourne
When I first saw the Aveda Culture Clash Collection I was drawn to the brightness and vibrancy of the overall shoot. I found that the models eyes were emphasized due to the bleaching of the eyebrows and this accentuation of the eyes is something that I wanted to explore with my own model. I was also very drawn to the aboriginal and tribal aspect of the collection, which is another element that I have explored within my work.
My model Laura is of Australian Aboriginal descent and when I originally met her I was instantly drawn into her eyes, even though she is young I felt that her eyes portrayed a story. Her traditional
heritage has inspired my untraditional method of colour application taking inspiration from the dot paintings of the Australian Aboriginal people; hundreds and thousands of small dots in many colours placed next to each other to create an image. For my work I wanted to blur the dot shapes in the fringe section and distort the shape and size of them in the side panels. I clashed 2 tones that both compliment and also oppose each other, primarily focusing on magenta and orange. I decided to keep a strong base tone as I felt that this would emphasize the vibrancy of the clashing colour formations. The haircuts in the Culture Clash Collection are all very classic and timeless and I wanted to take inspiration from this to frame her face with a strong yet classic shape.
Laura’s colour is bold yet beautiful. The clashing of tones in the fringe show movement and luminosity. Having the movement and randomness of the tones through the ends give the strong shape lightness and presence against the depth of the base colour.

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