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21 October, 2020

Announcing a Radical, Natural Hair Revolution: Aveda’s Botanical Repair Range

Aveda Botanical Range

The specialists at Zucci Hairdressing are always pushing for a more powerful and organically sound solution to the issue of problem hair. It’s vital to us to use products that work – not through synthetic fakery, but by promoting a powerful, natural response. Something that transforms from the inside out.
That’s why we selected Aveda to be our chief supplier of products. Their chemical-free, health and environment-focused outlook is inspired by the same philosophy as we are – and now they have developed a product to revolutionise hair care.

The Botanical Repair Range
Aveda’s laboratories have made a breakthrough in the field of hair repair using naturally occurring materials.
The Botanical Repair Range strengthens hair from the inside out, delivering organic properties that resolve brittleness and nourish throughout, getting right to the root of the problem instead of opting for the short-term, superficial fixes offered by synthetic products.
The range works by strengthening the bonds within the hair’s inner cortex and inducing the growth of new ones. Not only can they help to restore hair to a beautiful condition and undo previous damage, but these plant-powered products can also help your locks to protect themselves against future problems.
By removing excess sebum, product build-up and the results of pollution, roots become less oily while tips are reinforced, and breakages are prevented.Graphic of hydrogen bonds in hair
The Ingredients
Aveda uses organic, vitamin-rich extracts of avocado, green tea, sacha inchi seed, coconut, corn and corn-derived sugar – as well as specifically selected plant-based macronutrients and bond-multiplying molecules – to create this range.
These ingredients boost the hair’s natural ability to repair itself and grow stronger, healthier and more radiant.
The Available Products
 All products within Aveda’s Botanical Repair Range are naturally derived, vegan and cruelty-free. They contain no silicone, no damaging sulfate cleansers and contain 94% naturally derived ingredients.
Suitable for all hair types and textures, the Botanical Repair Range will help you to finally discover the full potential of your locks.
The range includes a strengthening shampoo, a light and silky conditioner, a deeply nourishing leave-in treatment with built-in heat and UV protection and an intensive masque that aids in detangling and works hard to repair hair from the F-layer right through to the cortex.

Find it at Zucci Hairdressing
The loyal clients of Zucci Hairdressing have long known how passionate we are about organic products that promote true hair health.
We’re all about the individual – working with instead of against the natural inclination of each person’s hair to achieve the best possible results. Everyone’s hair is different – and everyone wants to make their own unique statement. We think that’s something to be embraced and celebrated.
Whatever hair type you have – whatever length – whatever style – Aveda’s Botanical Repair Range will work for you, bringing out your very best side. This is why we’re so excited to be able to launch this selection of expertly developed products at all of our salons upon their 20th October reopening.
To learn more about Aveda’s revolutionary new range and what it can do to help you achieve your dream look, simply contact Zucci Hairdressing’s expert stylists. We’ll be more than happy to talk you through the range’s features and, when you book an appointment with us, you’ll be able to try it for yourself.
We only use products with an ethos that fits in with our own outlook. They must be kind to the planet and kind to your hair before all else. Make your appointment at Zucci Hairdressing today by finding and calling your nearest branch using our website, or by filling in our handy online form.

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