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27 September, 2016

A Zucci Hair Colour Transformation Using Aveda!

Ever wanted to go from dark to light with your hair colour. We see the celebrities do it all the time and it seems so effortless and easy. One minute they have brown hair and the next they are blonde. We Love doing hair transformations at Zucci and with Aveda anything is possible!

img_8576I have experienced lots of my guests coming in and asking how the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner do it. Well yesterday I decided to do a dramatic colour transformation on Olympia.
As soon as Kylie Jenner lightened her hair a few weeks ago, Olympia contacted me and said she wanted this hair colour. I informed her that it was going to be a long process and it would mean that she needed to have her hair coloured every 5 weeks to maintain the colour. It is really important to me to ensure that all my guests have a realistic idea of the management of their hair colour.
img_8572Before I explain the process that was done to achieved this colour, let me give you a little insight into what made it possible to do this colour on Olympia’s hair. Firstly Olympia only had colour in the ends of her hair. She had had some balayage done about 10 months ago so more then 80% 0f her hair was uncoloured. This means that I had a blank canvas to work on. There where no foreign hair colouring products, straightening products, or unknown’s in her hair and this made the lifting process easier to control and expected. Secondly time was not an issue for Olympia, she gave me all day for her hair colour and she knew that the result was depended on time, img_8569these things cant be rushed. Lastly she had had a haircut the week previous with Bianca, and lots of the old hair colour was removed and her hair was and still is in really good condition. It is vital to have a canvas that is healthy to do this process on.
So with all these factors taken into consideration I was then able to execute the colour. The processes started with a full head of foils, but where traditionally there is hair left out between the foils, this situation called for every hair on Olympia’s head to be coloured. Whilst colouring the mids and ends of Olympia’s hair I also applied my Enlightener on the scalp. The beauty of Aveda colour is that the Enlightener is gentle on the hair and scalp and it is possible to control how it is used for your desired result. Workimg_8574ing from the back of the head to the front this process took two and a half hours to complete. Once the process was complete and all the foils where in the hair and all the colour was on the scalp, it was then a matter for me to watch the lightening process. In total it took 2 hours for the colour to process to the level desired and I had to rinse and manage each section of the head separately to ensure condition of the scalp and hair and the lifting process. After the 2 hours the first application was rinsed Olympia’s hair was treated and dried to see the result. There where still some areas that had a yellow tone in the hair and these areas required to be lightened more for a further 15 minutes.
After this I rinsed and treated Olympia’s hair, take note we are now at the 5 and aimg_8588 half hour mark. Once rinsed, I dried her hair and applied the toner and processed visually. Once the tone was at the desired result Olympia’s hair was shampooed, treated, dried and styled.
This process is one in which the hairdresser needs to be monitoring and controlling at all times. When doing these services in salon I would ensure that I am taking care of every step of the process myself from beginning to end. Olympia had a very large amount of colour used on her hair, 4 treatments, and a 2 part toner to achieve this result. I had to be present every step of the way to guarantee the result.
It is also vital for the guest to use the recommended products at home and have their hair coloured and cut every 4 to 5 weeks to maintain the look and tone. I recommended for Olympia to use the Damage Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner along with the Daily Hair Repair and the new Damage Remedy Split End Repair to ensure her hair is in the best condition moving forward. She will also use the Blue Malva Conditioner once a img_8590week to combat the tone change that happens to all blondes. Blonde hair absorbs free radicals in the environment more then dark hair and this causes the change in tone to have that yellow reflect. Blondes having Blue Malva in their bathrooms gives a quick easy way to refresh the tone of the hair between appointments.
This service was super fun to do and the result was perfect but it is not for everyone and requires commitment not just in time and money but in the ongoing home management of the colour. If a guest wants this service I would be having a thorougher consultation to understand the history of the hair the desired result and how this result can be achieved in what time and price for the guest.
av-km-0007_fb_600x600_007Olympia was extremely happy with her hair colour and I loved completing the process and the result.
If you would like to book an appointment with me for any hair colouring service or have any questions about hair colouring please don’t hesitate to contact me at Zucci South Melbourne on 0396820400
By Shakira
Zucci ~Uniquely You~

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