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16 November, 2020

5 Signs Your Hair Is Beginning to Thin

Female Hair Loss

Luscious locks are often associated with long, thick and healthy-looking hair. We all do so much to protect our scalps and treat our hair, so we feel forlorn when follicles fail us. Thinning hair is a very typical topic and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Although it can be a something more concerning, most of the time it’s a token of ageing, down to changes in your diet or perhaps a reaction to certain products. Below, we’ll discuss how you can detect the signs of thinning that trouble your tresses. Therefore, if you’re experiencing any, you can check out our magical methods on how to give you locks a new lease of life.

  1. Hair loss

There’s a reason us girls are a popular meme when it comes to shedding strands. Our hair gets everywhere! Round the drain, stuck to our brushes, strewn across pillows and even in the layers of your sandwiches! It’s completely normal to have wisps falling out, however, should you notice a great amount falling out, in clumps rather than strands- there’s a problem.

  1. More skin exposed on the scalp.

When composing your day-to-day updo are you seeing more of your scalp? Tufts giving way to more partings, eking back more and more so that more skin is visible? Whether it be around your hairline, to the sides or even round the back, having less hair to cover your scalp is a sure sign of finer hair.

  1. Limp ponytail

Feeling like your classic pony lacks its swing? Don’t need that scrunchy or even slightly thicker bobble? Using hairspray to boff out your look? It could all mean that your hair is lacking body, or in other words, losing volume and thickness.

  1. Less weight

So far, the signs are more visual; nevertheless, this one is more about feeling. We all know the refreshing feeling of sweeping our hair back, to relieve ourselves of the pressure. But, do you find yourself not missing that weight when your hair is down? Don’t feel it draping so much down your back and around your shoulders? It could be because there is less of it and that it is diminishing in terms of its body.
To reduce this particular problem, you should look into our products of choice- the Invati Advanced range from Aveda. There are shampoos, a scalp revitaliser and masque and also, a conditioner. It’s all geared towards those who have thin hair or people who are experiencing hair loss. It aims to replenish leaving your hair looking stronger, thicker and healthier.

  1. Bald patches

Bald patches are not always strikingly obvious; it may be just that you feel a smooth patch round the back of your head as you run your fingers along your scalp. However, concentrated hair loss is a telling indicator and likely relates to hair thinning.
At the end of the day, our hair is a part of us. It is born with us and grows with us. It shines, gleams, shapes, styles and ages. It falls out, thins and greys. This is all completely natural!! No matter your hair type, colour or length, everyone deserves a head of beautiful hair which is why you should take steps to protect it. Taking the time to care for your hair is a vital and necessary element to revitalise your look and feel simply fabulous.

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