When you’re in need of hairdressers, Ivanhoe has one salon that stands above the rest. Nestled at the heart of a chic and close-knit community, Zucci is both a place for fantastic hair services and somewhere you can take a load off your feet, relax and be pampered for a while. We’ve been the hair salon Ivanhoe locals have trusted for over 35 years!

Our friendly staff will make you feel right at home while they use their experience and skill to give you the look you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s a simple cut, a professional hair colouring or a total style overhaul, you’re in great hands!

Here at Zucci, we believe hair is both art and self-expression, something that can give you the confidence to be yourself, and we’re passionate about giving you that perfect look 

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Hairdresser & Hair Salon Ivanhoe

Our founder, Rocco Petrucci began his hairdressing journey more than 38 years ago. Rocco loved the freedom of creativity he found in the multifaceted nature of hairdressing – finding the perfect style, cut and colour and then primping and priming his guests. Rocco understands that a great haircut can improve everyday life for guests – helping them find the style that makes them the best version of themselves.

Hairdresser in Ivanhoe East since 1984

That passion for great hairstyling led directly to Zucci opening in Ivanhoe in 1984. From the very first day in the salon, Rocco’s mission has made the Zucci brand a mecca for the most unique and talented individuals – stylists that are always learning, from their apprenticeship in the Zucci Academy through to mastery of styling and colour.

When you enter Zucci, you will notice that it is more than your average hairdresser in Ivanhoe. Being our guest in our salon is about more than just a great haircut and style. Our stylists use you as their muse – we want to know all about you to find out what image you want to project to the world. Through our intimate knowledge of all our guests, we can create a hairstyle that not only makes you feel amazing; it is also Uniquely You!

Looking After Your Scalp and Hair

In the 35+ years that we have served our Ivanhoe guests, we have learned so much about you as our neighbours. Ivanhoe is a chic and close-knit community – and we are lucky to work with generations of the same family to help them get the style they aspire to!

As part of our mission to serve our guests, we have some advice direct from the premier hairdresser in Ivanhoe:

When it comes to achieving glossy, luxurious looking hair, there are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration. Many people suffer from a flaky, itchy scalp – and this can be caused by the foods you eat, the pollutants in your environment or an internal imbalance. It is always worth finding out if the haircare products you are using could be a problem. When you are next in one of our Melbourne hair salons, ask your stylist for some advice on finding the right products. Of course, if you are concerned about this problem, then speak to your GP, a dermatologist or a trichologist.

Clients ask us how often they should be washing their hair. It really does depend on your personal circumstances – for example, if you work out every day, then you need to keep your hair clean from sweat – but other people may only need to do it every two to three days. You can over wash your hair, increasing the production of oils that make your hair feel like it needs more washing. To make sure you are nourishing your hair and scalp when you wash, speak to your stylist who can recommend the best Aveda product to suit your hair type.

Hair Loss and How Good Haircare Can Help

Hair loss is a sensitive subject to many. It is common for people to lose 100-200 hairs per day – humans are mammals, after all, and we shed in the same way. However, for some people, hair loss can be caused by medication, ageing, the environment, hormone changes, psychological issues – even grief can cause excessive hair loss.

Helping your hair to rejuvenate can be as simple as getting adequate nourishment to stimulate the follicle. Here at Zucci, the premier hair salon in Ivanhoe, we work exclusively with Aveda products. Naturally derived with active botanical ingredients, they are our number one choice to not only improve your hair but also do great things for the environment!

If you would like to find out more, and you haven’t yet been our guest at Zucci, then give us a call to see how our team of fully trained, creative and unique hair stylists in Ivanhoe can help you look after your hair, and find a look that is Uniquely You!

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