Introducing Kat John! Coach, Keynote Speaker and Legend!

Lockdown has been HARD! We are on the home stretch and with 2 weeks to go, we wanted to share this legend of a woman who has supported us through this time. Kat John has been a partner to Zucci for the last 2 years. She has worked with our team to motivate, inspire, guide and taught us about mental health, wellness, meditation and not giving a f#$k!

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Zucci’s Impact Statement from Sustainable Salons Australia

Zucci is a Member of Sustainable Salons Australia

Well, 2020 has been a challenging year, but Zucci has received some great news that we want to share with you! For the past four years, we have been members of Sustainable Salons Australia. This program is a full circle recycling, and upcycling program that we invest in and 95% of all the waste we generate in our salons IS RECYCLED! We know exactly where all the waste goes and how it is recycled or upcycled into other products. AND the best thing most of the recycling happens right here in Australia! 

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Advice for Choosing the Right Hair Colourist in Melbourne

Your hair colour can say a lot about you. Vibrant tones may suggest a more outgoing personality, whereas a softer colour could show your sophistication. Whatever you are after, you want to be sure that your hair colouring in Melbourne has been done right, and you leave the salon feeling pleased about the finished result. But how do you know that you are choosing the right hair colourist?

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Covid-19 Update

Melbourne is in lockdown. Things are changing. Zucci like everyone else is taking things one day at a time. All our salons are open and we are following many strict hygiene processes.

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5 Things to Consider When Looking for a Good Hair Salon


Your hair is important. We get it. Good hair days don’t just happen by chance; they occur when you have a good hair salon that you can depend upon to give you what your hair needs and what you want. Having your hair done is a chance for you to take some time out and enjoy the full experience.  If you are looking for a new Melbourne hair salon, here are 5 things that you should consider before making your choice.

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Top 7 tips for keeping your Hair & Scalp fabulous while working at home! 

working from home hair by Zucci

We are all living; this is a new way of life. Wake up, get ready, exercise (maybe) and go to your home office. No travel, no public transport or traffic. Do you wash your hair as much? Do you style your hair each day? We are living in this video conference world, what does this mean for your hair? 

Here are our top 7 tips for keeping your Hair & Scalp fabulous while working at home! 

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All Zucci Salons are re-opening on the 27th of April!

To the guests of Zucci!

We are very excited to announce that all our Zucci salons will be open from the 27th of April 2020. After a month of being closed, and with the latest number of COVID-19 cases in Victoria under 150, we feel it is time to open our doors to you our guests.

Click here to view a video outlining the processes we are implementing to ensure that you, our team and the community is safe while in the salon.

We have extended our trading hours and modified the rosters for our team to minimise the number of guests in the salon at any one time. If you would like to book an appointment, please call the salon from Monday the 27th of April, and we can organise one for you.

If you have any questions regarding our processes that we are implementing in-salon, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

We want to say thank you for your messages of support over the last month, they meant so much to us. The team are very excited to get back to creating beautiful hair for you.

We can not wait to see you in the salon.

Yours in Style

Rocco and Shakira Petrucci

Grey blending solutions whilst Zucci is temporarily closed.

Style Edit Sprays

Well, this is a blog post we thought we would never write. But we are adapting with the times! The Zucci team will be back in the salon when this is all over. We have had so many messages of support from our guests and we thank you for that. It has taken us a few days to get through to everyone and we have been asked a lot, what we would recommend for at-home grey coverage?

There is no one answer that is going to work for everyone. But in the interim, we have these options for you.

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