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Did you know that Zucci is on YouTube? Check out our channel to get info on Aveda products, how to style your hair, and much more. We are uploading weekly so like and subscribe to get all the notifications. Please share if there are any topics or videos you would like to see us make, we are open to any ideas.

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Aveda is Offically Vegan

2021 is starting off with a bang for Aveda! Over the past 5 years, Aveda has strived to become a 100% vegan company and have made fantastic inroads. But before we get into that, here is a bit of background information on the company.

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Zucci Covid Safe Plan Update 2021

Your salon experience

Happy New Year! 2021 has arrived, and all our salons are now open again after the holiday break! To ensure that we all are on the same page here is an outline of our COVID Safe Plan update for 2021. There may be some variations in each salon location depending on the layout of the space, but we will make modifications accordingly.

We can not wait to see you in the salon!

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Post Lockdown Transformation!

Our team have been creating some beautiful work and we wanted to share just a few of these transformations. After not being in the salon for 11 weeks some of our guests have not had their hair done for 12/14/16/24+ weeks! Here is just a small assortment of images created by our team! Enjoy 🙂

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LOVE is in the Present! Holiday Gifting at Zucci!

Love is in the Present. Beautiful gift sets now at Zucci from Aveda

Well, we made it to the most wonderful time of the year! It is just over a month till Christmas and we want to help you with all your gifting needs! This year we have an assortment of beautiful Aveda Holiday Gift Sets for everyone AND we can create custom gifts if there is something specific you would like.

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Vegan Hairdressing Products

Do you tend to use a lot of products on your hair? Strip it all back with blissfully nourishing vegan products. Rid yourself of nasty, harsh chemicals and turn back to mother nature to treat yourself to fresh, natural treatments for your tresses. All the while, you can have a clear conscious knowing you’re contributing to change. We at Zucci, see ourselves as forerunners in the beauty revolution that is taking the world by storm. No longer do we have to stoop to synthetics. We can harness the power of plants, vitamins and minerals. So, in this post, we’ll look into the advantages of swapping to vegan hairdressing products.

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5 Signs Your Hair Is Beginning to Thin

Luscious locks are often associated with long, thick and healthy-looking hair. We all do so much to protect our scalps and treat our hair, so we feel forlorn when follicles fail us. Thinning hair is a very typical topic and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Although it can be a something more concerning, most of the time it’s a token of ageing, down to changes in your diet or perhaps a reaction to certain products. Below, we’ll discuss how you can detect the signs of thinning that trouble your tresses. Therefore, if you’re experiencing any, you can check out our magical methods on how to give you locks a new lease of life.

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