LOVE is in the Present! Holiday Gifting at Zucci!

Love is in the Present. Beautiful gift sets now at Zucci from Aveda

Well, we made it to the most wonderful time of the year! It is just over a month till Christmas and we want to help you with all your gifting needs! This year we have an assortment of beautiful Aveda Holiday Gift Sets for everyone AND we can create custom gifts if there is something specific you would like.

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Vegan Hairdressing Products

Do you tend to use a lot of products on your hair? Strip it all back with blissfully nourishing vegan products. Rid yourself of nasty, harsh chemicals and turn back to mother nature to treat yourself to fresh, natural treatments for your tresses. All the while, you can have a clear conscious knowing you’re contributing to change. We at Zucci, see ourselves as forerunners in the beauty revolution that is taking the world by storm. No longer do we have to stoop to synthetics. We can harness the power of plants, vitamins and minerals. So, in this post, we’ll look into the advantages of swapping to vegan hairdressing products.

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5 Signs Your Hair Is Beginning to Thin

Luscious locks are often associated with long, thick and healthy-looking hair. We all do so much to protect our scalps and treat our hair, so we feel forlorn when follicles fail us. Thinning hair is a very typical topic and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Although it can be a something more concerning, most of the time it’s a token of ageing, down to changes in your diet or perhaps a reaction to certain products. Below, we’ll discuss how you can detect the signs of thinning that trouble your tresses. Therefore, if you’re experiencing any, you can check out our magical methods on how to give you locks a new lease of life.

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Announcing a Radical, Natural Hair Revolution: Aveda’s Botanical Repair Range

The botanical Repair Range at Zucci hairdressing

The specialists at Zucci Hairdressing are always pushing for a more powerful and organically sound solution to the issue of problem hair. It’s vital to us to use products that work – not through synthetic fakery, but by promoting a powerful, natural response. Something that transforms from the inside out.

That’s why we selected Aveda to be our chief supplier of products. Their chemical-free, health and environment-focused outlook is inspired by the same philosophy as we are – and now they have developed a product to revolutionise hair care.

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Zucci Hairdressing is Opening!

Your salon experience

The wait is finally over! We are opening our businesses from the 20th of October. To ensure that we all are on the same page here is an outline of our COVID Safe Plan. There may be some variations in each salon location depending on the layout of the space, but we will make modifications accordingly.

We can not wait to see you in the salon!

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Zucci Appointment Booking Update

To Guests of Zucci,

I hope you are all well and coping. Writing this message this morning is not only hard, but it is one I did not think I would have to write. Our team commenced booking appointments last week for a reopen date of the 26th of October. Based on announcements made yesterday by the government, we have decided to pause all appointment bookings until we have a confirmed reopen date. The government are continually changing their minds, and as a business, it is impossible to plan with so much uncertainty. So what does this mean for you? I hope the following answers all questions:

  1. If you spoke to a team member or booked an appointment from the 26th of Oct, that appointment is still there, and if we need to move it because of a date change, we will contact you first once we have a confirmed reopen date. But fingers crossed we don’t.
  2. If you had not yet received a call and you had an appointment booked between the 3rd of August and the end of lockdown. We have you on a list and once we have a confirmed reopen date we will call you to book you in.
  3. If you put your name down on the waitlist, we will move to this list once everyone who missed an appointment has been booked in. You will receive a call or text to book you in once we have a confirmed reopen date. Know that in most cases, the appointments that will be booked will be from mid to late November onwards.
  4. We are not taking any more booking requests for our waitlist as there are over 1000 people across our 4 businesses that we need to get appointments for. When we reopen, we will open our web booking and phone lines again, and bookings can be made through there for those that did not get on the waitlist.
  5. Please know that it will not be possible to get everyone in for appointments on the first week or even first 3 weeks of reopening. Our salon spaces will be operating at 50-60% of their capacity due to current social distancing guidelines, and we can not take as many appointments as we once could. I know this will be disappointing for some, but it is out of our control, and I ask that you are as flexible as you can be when we do call to book.

As I mentioned, we have over 1000 people to book in across our 4 salons. This job has to be done manually as we have COVID guidelines that we need to meet, modifications to services because of the length of time between visits and the way we need to roster the teams. We have 6 people working on this process so please know we have not forgotten you, this process takes a long time. Once the date is announced, you may not receive a call for a week after that announcement but know we have not forgotten you.

Once we have a confirmed reopen date, we will commence our appointment booking process again, and we will be in touch.
Thank you in advance for your support and patience.


PS if you want to email Dan Andrews to petition to open up Melbourne here is the email address I am going to! 🙂

Zucci Hairdressing Appointment Waitlist Closed

Zucci Hairdressing waitlist closed To Our Guests,

We are commencing our appointment booking process and while we are doing this, we have chosen to close our waitlist. Once we re-open the salons, we will open the phone lines and online booking for you to contact us to book appointments. If you have emailed us already or had an appointment booked in the lockdown period you are on the list. You do not need to email again.

The appointment booking process is long and like a massive game of Tetris. We are limited with how many people we can book in each day due to gov guidelines if you don’t get your preferred date and time requests, know that there are things that are out of our hands. Thank you in advance for your patience at this time. We are very excited to be back in the salon soon.

Thank you and keep well.


Zucci in the 80s!

Rocco at hairdressing school back in 1979!

This story began in 1984. Rocco decided it was time to open his own business. After managing two salons for two years and having partnership promises not seen through by his employer, he knew it was time to go out his own. What did this look like? What did this mean?
He found a salon for sale in the suburb of Ivanhoe. He was living in Preston and had worked in Knox and Airport West. This area was foreign to him, but he saw the strength of the shopping strip and the community.

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