Our dedicated Zucci staff have an intricate knowledge of the Aveda essences used and sold at our hair salons. We use that expertise to help you make the product choice that’s right for you. By combining our mission to help our customers express themselves along with Aveda’s naturally derived and environmentally conscious products, Zucci strive to make you feel confident in yourself while also being environmentally friendly. With a little help from Aveda, Melbourne residents can achieve the look they love at Zucci salons, while helping to make a positive change.
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Aveda Hair Salon Melbourne

Here at Zucci, we have been working with Aveda for many years. We love that their mission is so closely aligned to ours – that beauty and haircare should also be environmentally aware and as natural as possible. We are also a vegan hair salon.

Zucci are proud to be an Aveda salon, offering Aveda colour in Melbourne in every one of our salons. We provide a range of options for all hair types, all using the very best in Aveda products most suited to you and your personal style.

Aveda from Zucci – Ayurvedic Rituals and Botanical Actives

We have been helping our guests find their individual style since 1984 when our founder Rocco Petrucci opened his first salon in Ivanhoe. Since then, Rocco has been using his creativity to find the very best in unique and talented individuals to bring their own flair to Zucci, allowing them the ability to learn from Apprentice level all the way up to Master and Director. This nurturing of talent has meant that some of our stylists have been with us for over 20 years, and even Rocco’s daughter began an apprenticeship in 2009 with the Zucci Academy, learning and developing her skill to win many awards and competitions.

Becoming an Aveda hair salon and focusing on providing our guests with the best Aveda rituals mean that we can help you find a style that is Uniquely You – while offering you the most relaxing and refreshing salon experience.

Why Aveda?

Aveda’s founder was an Austrian born in 1941 named Horst Rechelbarcher. He began his hairdressing journey at the age of 14, and through his natural talent travelled the world, eventually settling in America. Opening his own salon in Minneapolis, he soon gained renown for his style and creativity. However, after suffering burnout in the 1960s, he discovered Ayurvedic practices on a retreat in India, and decided to incorporate that into his salon practice.

With input from Ayurvedic physicians and scholars, Horst identified active botanical ingredients and chakra balancing aromas to develop powerful, naturally derived formulas that are an integral part of the Aveda experience. Since 1978, Aveda has been dedicated to finding the best natural products that are perfect for any hair type – and with the intention to use only 100% certified organic products by 2021 the Aveda mission is so much like ours here at Zucci.

What Aveda Products are Best for My Hair?

When you visit our Melbourne salons, you will receive an Aveda ritual head, neck and shoulder massage. We will work with you, finding out about who you are, what you do and how you want to look before we start creating a style that is Uniquely You. Our expert stylists and colourists know exactly what products you need to use, and we want to create an effortless look that you can easily recreate at home. Therefore, all the Aveda products we use are also available to purchase so you can continue to feed your hair, maintaining and improving its strength and beauty.

We love the Invati Advanced range here at Zucci. Invati means ‘invigorate’ in Sanskrit, and if you are looking to cleanse and renew your scalp and hair, we recommend using the Exfoliating Shampoo, with wintergreen derived salicylic acid to bring out the natural beauty of your hair and scalp. This formulation is colour safe, with the natural scent of organic lavender, rosemary and geranium. Follow this cleansing with the Invati Advanced Thickening Conditioner which uses naturally derived amino acids to deliver weightless conditioning that gives all-day fullness.

Whatever your hair type, we know that we can find the perfect Aveda product for you, and we invite you to visit us at Zucci to experience the best Aveda hair salon in Melbourne. Call today and book an appointment with our team at your nearest Zucci.

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Aveda Shampoo

The Aveda shampoo range perfectly embodies a fusion between luxury and natural simplicity that make Aveda hair products so fantastic to work with. Their unique aromas excite and engage the senses, with a range of products suited for different hair types and colours.

Aveda Conditioner

Aveda conditioner products deliver everything you’ve come to expect from the Aveda range and more. With delicate aromas that epitomise the best nature has to offer, our expert Zucci stylists will recommend the best product for your hair, whether to help treat frizz, give volume and thickness, provide a deeper conditioning treatment, or enhance shine.

Aveda Hair Treatment

Derived from natural ingredients, Aveda hair products provide a nourishing treatment unlike anything else. As with all our services at Zucci, our stylists are always completely transparent about everything we do. We take you through the processes and their benefits, so you understand exactly what is happening to your hair. From penetrating plant proteins that deeply nourish and moisturise your hair, we keep you involved every step of the way.

Aveda Hair Colour

No matter what colour you’re after, our skilful Zucci hair colourists can use the versatile Aveda Full Spectrum hair colour range to achieve the perfect look for you. The unique colour formula creates fully customised results, so your colour is personalised to suit your style. Up to 99% of Aveda colour is made from completely natural ingredients, making it the naturally-derived solution to hair colouring. 

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