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Our Approach

We combine your vision with our techniques to find something that’s uniquely you and caters specifically to your personality so that you can feel confident the next time you share yourself with the world.

Complimentary Consultation

To explore your own relationship with your hair, we offer a bespoke consultation held at your preferred Zucci salon or digitally.

We encourage you to bring images of hairstyles and colours you like to reference during your consultation.


The Zucci experience is all about your personal input – we want to find your style!

We listen to your vision so we can ultimately create a look that you’re absolutely thrilled with.

A plan for your hair

Your hairdo can enhance or hinder face shape, body shape and the hair’s ability to be styled.

At Zucci, we take this and a number of other things into consideration to make a tailored plan for your hair now and in the future.

Sustainability at Zucci

Believe us when we say that ‘sustainable’ isn’t just a buzzword. To us, it’s something we live by every single day, a value at the very core of our business, and that’s why we go above and beyond to make our salons are as green and eco-friendly as possible. It’s an ongoing commitment, and Zucci is always looking for ways to improve and be the most sustainable salon we can be.

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Our Partnership
with Aveda

Zucci is proud to have a name like Aveda behind our salon products. Aveda are major producers of environmentally responsible, naturally derived, high-performance haircare, skincare, and makeup products manufactured in America and Canada using 100% renewable wind power.

The Aveda product range is used and sold at all Zucci salons. Aveda products are naturally derived and follow an environmentally conscious ethos. Zucci is proud to be a part of; Zucci was named the first Aveda concept salon in Australia in 2001.

Zucci Sustainability

Sustainability & Recycling

Zucci’s partnership with Sustainable Salons Australia (SSA) has been a huge help in achieving our eco-friendly goals and constantly improving our green practices.

We’ve also chosen to source a recycling partner who can help us do so much more than just throwing things in the recycle bin; it may cost a little extra, but that’s a small price to pay for being responsible with what we throw away.

We have a thorough recycling process for almost everything used in our salons, from foil from highlights to discarded hair. Zucci is incredibly close to our goal of getting rid of the landfill bin entirely and eventually recycling 100% of what we use.

Reframing Plastic

We are excited to announce that Sustainable Salons Australia has partnered with Dresden Vision to create 100% post-consumer recycled plastic sunglasses frames using shampoo bottles they have collected from Sustainable Salons Network across Australia and New Zealand.

These amazing glasses frames are available for purchase in Dresden stores and online.

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Zucci Post Electricity

What about electricity?

We may not have our very own wind turbines like Aveda (not yet, anyway!), and those hairdryers still need power to do their thing. Still, Zucci has opted into the Snowy Mountains hydro electricity scheme through our energy provider: that means the power we use comes directly from a hydro-electric dam and not a damaging coal power station.

We’re happy to take the hit of a pricier power bill if it means maintaining our commitment to being a sustainable salon and inspiring others to do the same.

Let’s get Ethical

For almost 30 years, we’ve been keeping harmful products off our shelves and focused on cruelty-free and sustainable hair care while still maintaining the same top-quality Zucci hair services you know and love!

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Cruelty-Free and
Vegan Products

Zucci realises that we have a choice when it comes to our products. That’s why we choose to only partner with companies producing products that are 100% cruelty-free, naturally derived and aligned with our values.

All the salon products we use and sell are made from naturally derived ingredients, and our hair and skincare products are all 100% vegan. We believe there’s no need to test on animals or use synthetic ingredients when using products that are kind, natural, high tech and deliver superior results!


Rocco Petrucci opened the doors at Zucci Hairdressing’s Ivanhoe salon on the 1st of October 1984. Over 38 years later, Zucci Hairdressing has carved a distinctive path through Melbourne’s hairdressing landscape.

Rocco Compeating At Ihs In The 80s

The Zucci brand was born from the desire to create a team of outstanding stylists and colourists.

A commitment to training, learning and personal development has become the epitome of the Zucci brand. It’s through this commitment that Zucci attracts unique and talented individuals – those seeking to go beyond, furthering their potential to be the best they can be.

Stylists and colourists across all levels are encouraged to engage in industry events and competitions, further developing their skills and knowledge, which are then passed on to every guest at every salon. The continual development and growth of the Zucci team ensure each guest experiences a supreme service and result.