Guest Review, Zucci Ivanhoe – Danielle Clarke

I’ve been a Zucci customer for about 6 years – firstly a customer of their city store within David Jones and then an Ivanhoe customer when I moved locally about 4 years ago. The team is professional, so friendly, they have a very high standard and the service is outstanding – the massage and tea upon arrival makes my hairdressing appointment more than just an essential service, it’s an experience. Thank you team Zucci for being really great at what you do.

Guest Review, Zucci South Melbourne – Shambhavi Singh

I have curly hair and there are not many hairdressers who can cut and style it well but I was in a treat for my first visit at Zucci. Ray Ray did an amazing job to give me the look I wanted and styled it perfectly. We never achieve the same result once we wash our hair after but she has given me great and easy styling tips to replicate and maintain the look. Highly recommended!

Guest Review, Zucci South Melbourne – Isabella Valette

The crew at Zucci are absolutely top-notch, world-class hairdressers, who are ethical to boot. I honestly can’t rave about them enough. Shakira is the ultimate professional who is always up to date on the latest research and updating her knowledge – she has never done a bad colour on me in my life. I don’t even need to tell her what needs to be done anymore and she nails it.

Guest Review, Zucci St James – Nigel Boyle

I have been a customer here for more years than I can remember, and my children have grown up with Craig and looking after their hair. In a highly competitive world, you come back if the service and experience is exceptional and the entire Zucci team provides that. Be safe and I look forward to returning when this current emergency has passed.