There is more to cutting hair than meets the eye…

At Zucci “Uniquely You” is our focus. We work with your wants and wishes, combined with that signature personal touch from each of our talented stylists and colourists, to achieve the desired look!

This focus requires constant skill development and that is why we have implemented a comprehensive 10 month intensive technical cutting and styling program for our styling team throughout all ZUCCi salons. The program is led by Dario Cotroneo a Sydney based hairdresser whom we have held in high regard for many years. After extensive consultation and discussion with the management team we selected Dario as our trainer. We had long admired his technical ability and his understanding of the ZUCCI culture, ensured a successful fit.
Dario has been working with our senior team for 6 months honing their cutting and styling skills whilst also fine tuning communication skills. Asking the ‘right’ questions and being able to listen and interpret the guests needs is fundamental to ensure a successful outcome, namely a beautifully crafted look.

The team are enjoying their training and are finding it incredibly inspiring. This inspiration translates into the creation of beautiful cutting and styling work, with guests leaving our salons with beautiful hair reflecting their wants and wishes. We are receiving positive comments from our guests which reinforces to all of us, the importance of continual learning and development.

The ZUCCi team members taking part in the training intensive are:
Ivanhoe Salon – Jade, Courtney
South Melbourne Salon – Rosemary, Kimberley, Ray Ray
David Jones Lifestyle Salon, CBD – Bianca, Sarah, Clint, Christina
St James Place Salon (Bourke St, CBD) – Charles, Giulia and Paige

Brides of Zucci

This year two members of our Zucci family where married. Lauren from Ivanhoe wed her now husband Troy in February at a beautiful ceremony along the Yarra. It was a beautiful sunny day and the wedding was full of laughter, tears, dancing, eating, drinking and love. It was such a fun night and Lauren looked amazing. Jade from Ivanhoe styled her hair and Shakira from South Melbourne was the MC for the day. Lauren and Troy had the best day and they went on a fabulous holiday to New York for their honeymoon.


In May Ray Ray and her now husband Hong where married in a 3 part wedding spectacular. Ray Ray being of Chinese dissent and Hong being of Malaysian dissent and now both of them living in Australia meant it was a blending of cultures and traditions. Family flew in from all over the world and Ray Ray wore three dresses and had three hair changes for her special day. Rosemary and Zak from South Melbourne where the glam squad to keep everyone looking amazing all day. A traditional Tea Ceremony saw the merging of 2 families into one. Everyone danced well into the night to celebrate the love of these two special people.

Smooth Infusions Nourishing Styling Crème

We at Zucci are excited to announce a new product release from Aveda. The Smooth Infusions Nourishing Styling Crème is a conditioning styling crème that moisturises hair and creates smooth, soft hairstyles with movement while fighting frizz all day, even in intense humidity.
This beautiful product has certified organic capuacu and shea butter to create a lightweight barrier around each hair strand to condition and smooth the cuticle and keep necessary moisture in and unnecessary moisture like humidity out.
The Smooth Infusions Nourishing Styling Crème is ideal for woman with medium to course hair that has natural inclination to frizz. The product can be dried into the hair or air-dried to achieve a smooth result.

Some of our stylists have had the opportunity to play with the Smooth Infusions Nourishing Styling Crème over the last few weeks and here is what they have to say.

“It allows for the hair to feel soft and smooth but not heavy when it is blow-dried into the hair.” Rosemary from Zucci South Melbourne

“It smooths out the cuticle but stills allows me to put volume into the hair. I have used it on my guests with thick hair that is neither curly or straight to smooth out the hair but whilst still having volume at the roots.” Bianca from Zucci Lifestyle Salon at David Jones.

“The texture of the product is so easy to apply to the hair and you can feel it smoothing the cuticle as you work it into wet hair.” Jade from Zucci Ivanhoe

“Smooth Infusions Nourishing Styling Crème can be dried into the hair or the hair can be left to dry naturally. It is a very versatile product that works on fine, medium and course hair textures to achieve smooth feel.” Craig from Zucci Lifestyle Salon at St James Place

“Smooth hair is not straight hair. To smooth the hair out means that the hair can still have bend and movement but each strand is going in the same direction and frizz is minimised. The Smooth Infusions Nourishing Styling Crème allows for movement and bend without flattening the hair.” Kim from Zucci South Melbourne.

The Smooth Infusions Nourishing Styling Crème will be available in all Zucci locations from the 1st of August and retail’s for $49.00.

Aveda Colour Harmony Finalists 2015

We at Zucci are proud to announce that we have not one but 2 finalists in the Aveda Colour Harmony Awards for 2015! Christina from Zucci Lifestyle Salon at David Jones and Giulia from Zucci Lifestyle Salon at St James Place are both finalists in the New Talent Category.

Colour Harmony is an annual competition, conducted by Aveda to celebrate the creativity and the talent of the Aveda Network in Australia. Both Christina and Giulia drew inspiration from the Aveda Collection ‘Rare Bloom’ to create their images. Christina and Giulia where required to colour and style their model’s hair to emulate the feeling of the Rare Bloom Collection.

The Rare Bloom Collection has a dreamy, natural, whimsical, summer feel. Working with Rocco and the photographer John; Giulia and Christina were able to capture the required mood of the Rare Bloom collection, whilst successfully incorporating their own unique styles.

Giulia and Christina will now travel to Sydney on the 3rd of August to present their work for final judging and receive the award at the Colour Harmony Awards on the 4th of August. Aveda have invited their Global Creative Director of Colour, Ian Michael Black to present the awards. We are so proud and excited for both Christina and Giulia



LA and Beyond – Shakira’s Adventures

August holds the beginning of a big three months for Shakira. Shakira will be traveling to Los Angeles on the 14th of August to attend an Advanced Styling course with John Raymond. John Raymond is an Aveda Salon Owner, Educator and Creative Team Leader. John works on 30 plus shows at New York Fashion Week twice a year. This year Shakira will be joining his creative team in September in New York. To prep for this amazing opportunity Shakira will be attending a bespoke training course with John in Los Angeles. In doing this course Shakira is then able to work on any fashion show that John is directing in the future anywhere in the world. Shakira is so excited to be apart of John’s team. Stay tuned for stories and pictures of her adventures on our

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