Curly Hair – Rocco

“I love cutting curly hair because it allows me the freedom to use freehand cutting techniques twisting the hair to redistribute weight from one part of the shape to another. It’s like sculpting, being visual yet technical, understanding what the hair will and won’t do for you.”

– Rocco Petrucci, Founder, Zucci Hairdressing

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Shakira Petrucci – Excutive Colourist

Shakira Petrucci – Excutive Colourist, Zucci South Melbourne

It may be a surprise to some but the technique used for colouring curly hair is very different from the technique used to colour straight hair. Coloured curly hair that has been exceptionally executed shows off the movement and shape of the curl, ultimately enhancing the beauty of the natural form.

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AVEDA Earth Month 2014

Zucci Earth Month Fundraiser

Charity: Headspace

The Zucci cut-a-thon, raising money for National Youth Mental Health Foundation headspace was a huge success!

Zucci hairdressing is thrilled to announce that the total money raised for their elected AVEDA Earth Month charity headspace is $6,000. Zucci held a cut-a-thon event in early April at both the South Melbourne and Ivanhoe locations, with all haircuts sold at a flat rate of $50, with 100% of the money raised put towards their elected charity. During the month of April each salon location also had a raffle filled with beautiful AVEDA products that guests could buy tickets for, further allowing the whole Zucci community to band together and put their support behind the worthy charity.

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New Aveda Collection – Culture Clash

We live in a world rich with culture. Whether we travel the world or surf the net, it seems we’re always picking up bits of custom, tradition and fashion that broaden our sense of what’s beautiful. Culture Clash is the unification of indigenous arts, street grunge and high-end couture fashion all working in perfect harmony together to create this effervescent, electrifying and elegant collection.

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