Luke – Toorak

As someone with wiry thick hair I’d been told time after time by hairdressers that it was an afro or a skin shave, not exactly the greatest range of options. The team at Zucci looked at my hair and had a vision that took 3-4 haircuts to craft, and now I’ve got a great new style I never thought I’d have. Most hairdressers will think about 1 haircut only, Zucci think 2-3 haircuts ahead of you and take responsibility for your style. Well worth the investment, no matter what type of hair you have.

Ginetta – Ivanhoe

On recommendation yesterday was my first visit to your salon and I was very impressed! All the staff were friendly and professional. With two kids, my life is a little crazy at times but yesterday, from the moment I arrived and was greeted with a friendly smile, a glass of delicious tea and a de-stress massage I felt completely relaxed. Bliss! Most importantly I am really happy with my hair. See you in six weeks!